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Proof that we actually were in a studio...

Proof that we actually were in a studio…

We just went into the studio. What we learnt from our time there is that Leigh is very good at darts, Lou was having a very good day at Pool and Ross was standing at the end of the table tennis table that had a clear wind advantage. We may have also learnt that Will is a sore loser, but probably not.

More importantly, we learnt that Cam “The Truth” Trewin gets a mean drum sound and has done an absolute kick-ass job of tracking our new song, Summer. Rad. We’ll be mixing in a few weeks and then you should expect to hear this tune a little later in the year (exciting yah?).

In other news, APRA gave Will a ticket to Bigsound (love you long time APRA) so catch you for a beer up there if you’re going. Will is also a finalist in the Bank of Melbourne songwriting competition and we will be playing at the recital centre later this month for the chance to win $6000, which should be enough to record an EP or throw a killer party, provided that we actually win (cross your fingers for us won’t you?). If we don’t win I believe we still get $500 which could pay for a new bicycle or something.

In gig news, we will be playing one full (except Ross) band show on the 11th of Sep at The Grace Darling supporting Return to Youth, and an acoustic show on the 18th of Sep supporting Tulalah at The Evelyn. In the meantime, Jess and Will are doing a few duo shows, including Melting Pot’s ‘Songwriters in the Round’ on Fri the 6th at The Wesley Anne. There will be other little shows here and there we will announce along the way but here is a taster for the moment.

Hope you’re all well, and I doubt you all read this far down so I’ll take this opportunity to tell you we will all be thinking of you as we down copious amounts of alcohol tonight at Lou’s birthday party. Happy birthday Lou.

Will x

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