September Summary and Oktoberfest

Well, really, to describe our upcoming month as a fest is an outright lie. There. I said it…

We are currently putting final touches on our single, which we recorded and mixed with Cam “The Truth” Trewin at Sing Sing and Woodstock Studios. We’re pretty freakin happy with it, it’s epic.

Unfortunately it won’t be released until probably February, but fear not, it won’t be much later than that, as the song is called ‘Summer’ and we can’t look like idiots, right? …(somewhat) right.

So. September. Whoa, what a month. Earth, Wind and Fire don’t just write songs about any old month, ya know, this one really was big. We played a bunch of acoustic gigs (Melting Pot, Sofar, Tulalah residency), were finalists for two songwriting competitions (which we subsequently lost), celebrated our guitarist Ross’ birthday and said goodbye to our favourite TV show, Breaking Bad.

I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us in the Bank of Melbourne songwriting competition, we really appreciate all the votes we got to get us through the second round of finals. THANKYOU.

We will keep you posted of gigs coming up and over the Summer period, and are bloody excited to show you our newly recorded music when we can!

Peace out,

Will x




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