One year ago, to this day (almost), we played our first gig as Farrow. Well that went fast didn’t it? I’d like to use this opportunity to say thankyou to everyone who listened to us, watched us, took photos of us, covered us in perfume (because this punter thought that her and Jess were twins/soulmates?!), mixed us, recorded us (more on that to come), and enjoyed our presence/presents (not many).

To think that a year ago we were out in a sheep paddock trying to make friends with lambs, and now look where we are!! (please don’t look…)

Don’t worry people, we have just started playing some really great shows and are feeling frighteningly confident (which in turn scares the hell out of us) that lots will be happening in the old ’14. Firstly, we will be releasing more music, which can only be a good thing right? Secondly, well… There is no secondly, yet… You will see.

For now, we are playing the Sofar Sounds Xmas Party this sunday, so head to their website HERE to get on the list to attend, last year Courtney Barnett played at it and she is freakin awesome. She won’t be attending this year, as far as I know…

We are also playing one last show for the year next Wednesday, the 11th of December at the Evelyn with a buch of other great bands (more info HERE).

So thankyou again for reading this far, and for all the support, we’ll make you proud next year mum, I promise. Merry Chrismukkah!


Farrow x


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